3 Money Saving Fall Yard Prep Tips

Aug 23, 2012 by

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Set the Tone for a Good Looking Spring with Fall Yard Prep

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Now that we’ve made it though an unusual summer, the leaves are changing, and the kids are back in school, it can be a bit tempting to put away lawn and garden tools and put our feet up on the weekend. Not so fast! Oftentimes, fall yard prep can lead to lush spring lawns.

There are a few steps that anyone with a little patience and a few common household items can take to get the beautiful lawn neighbors will be jealous of.

  1. Lay newspaper down as weed blocker – Traditional weed blocking fabric can become costly if you are working with a fixed budget or large areas to cover. Put that Sunday newspaper to use by laying it down a few sheets thick in planting beds and covering with about 4-6 inches of mulch. Weeds will have a hard time growing through the newspaper and it will naturally disintegrate over time. If done in the fall, you’ll have a nice, weed-free bed to plant in come spring.
  2. Use used coffee grounds in place of mulch. – Often used in composting bins, coffee grounds can be a good mulch substitute as well. Be sure to turn it into the soil to reduce the risk of mold or fungus. When you mulch around your trees, make a doughnut shape instead of a volcano shape.
  3. Recycle water and feed your grass. – Rain barrels will save you tons of cash by catching natural rainfall that you will need to water your grass year-round. Many think that watering stops after the summer months, but your lawn still needs hydration along with fertilizer that should be applied in the fall. Fertilizers will vary with the type of grass found on your lawn and the region you live in.

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