How to: Closet Organization to Save Time

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The Closet Problem

Before Closet Organization

Before Closet Organization

Let’s face it. Few of us earn gold stars at keeping our closet clean and a cluttered closet leads to frustration, lost items, and even more clutter. Utilizing easy closet organization tips can not only help us get better at keeping our closets clean, but also save ourselves some time in the process.Who doesn’t need that?

Closet Solutions

  • Group Like Items – This tip can be used whether you’re organizing a closet or a drawer. Grouping clothes according to use or type will help you save time and find items easier. For instance, clothes worn for work should be the easiest to access if you work Monday through Friday and casual clothes can be grouped into tops and bottoms. Likewise, in a drawer dress socks should be separate from casual socks.
  • Rotate According to Season – There’s no sense in having your shorts front and center when its 20 below outside. To have a better vision of what you have in your closet, put clothes that you know you won’t wear for a while away. When the summer months come, put up those cable knit sweaters and the like. It’ll free up some room for your new purchases too!
  • Give Yourself More Space – Most home improvement retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and even Target sell closet systems at an affordable price. They will help you utilize any space you have available whether it be large or small and help you optimize it for greater use. With these closet organizers, space is increased and piece of mind is achieved.

After Closet Organization


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